Mission Trip FAQ

  • How large are the groups you take?

    Maximum size of each group is 18.

  • Who can serve on a mission trip?

    Individuals, church groups, families, organizations, etc. Anyone who is able to handle the heat, long travel times, walking, rides on bumpy roads, long days and the difficulties involved in seeing impoverished conditions. There are no specific skills needed to serve on a mission trip.

  • Can children go on a NECC mission trip?

    Yes. Must be 12 years of age to travel with NECC accompanied by a parent or 15 and over without a parent.

  • What types of activities do we do on a mission trip?

    Activities vary from trip to trip but on an average day team members may find themselves working on a construction project (sifting sand for stucco, carrying blocks to building sites, painting, etc..), serving in the feeding program and playing with the children. A vacation bible school project will take place a minimum of one day. The focus of all trips is taking part in activities that allow us to share love and build relationships with the community we are serving.

  • How many bags am I allowed to travel with?

    Each team member is allowed one checked bag and one carry-on bag and a small personal item. In general, we encourage team members to use carry-on luggage for their personal items and use the checked bag to transport much needed project supplies. Further details on size and weight will be communicated during team meetings.

  • What is the payment schedule for a mission trip?

    First payment —- 70 days prior to trip, first half
    Second payment — 30 days prior to trip, remaining balance paid in full

  • What is included in the cost of the trip?

    • International airfare plus domestic transportation from NECC church office to JFK airport and return
    • Extra luggage fee to transport supplies
    • 3 meals a day on the international portion of the trip
    • Accommodations based on sharing rooms with other team members
    • In-country transportation
    • Group translator
    • Beach day lunch
    • Team shirt
  • What is not included in the cost of the trip?

    • Meals on airport travel days when traveling to and from the US
    • Travel insurance
    • Wednesday night dinner out
    • Immunizations
    • Passport
    • Personal shopping money and incidentals such as snacks, additional beverages, laundry, phone calls and other personal items
  • What are the room arrangements like on the mission field?

    Team members will be sharing a room with one or more people of the same gender (except husbands and wives). This is done so that our trips are cost effective for the entire team.

  • Is there a commitment of time required in order to be part of a NECC mission team?

    Yes. We ask team members to read and agree with the following statement: Each team member understands that the mission trip starts the day they apply for a the trip and agree that, as part of a NECC mission team, I am committing to being available for bi-weekly team meetings leading up to the trip and reading all emails and materials pertaining to the trip, and responding when necessary. I understand that these meetings and emails are needed to maximize the effectiveness of my team on the mission field, to prepare each person for the trip and to build team unity.

  • Am I able to bring donations for the kids or ministries we visit?

    It is the policy of NECC that team members only bring donation items NECC has asked them to bring for the ministries, most donations are purchased through the Haiti Fund at NECC. We do not allow team members to hand out gifts directly to the children because this causes a lot of harm (the book When Helping Hurts can shed more light on this topic). The only exception is a team member may give a gift to a child they are sponsoring through the Restore Haiti Sponsorship Program.

    We do like to meet the tangible needs of ministries so when a ministry asks for something specific - we absolutely want our team members to be able to bring these items with them to bless the ministry. The items would need to be given to the ministry leaders, not to the kids themselves. We are very passionate about making sure we don’t go in and try to be the heroes to the kids. The real heroes are the people who take care of the children and communities every day. We want them to be able to hand out specific items to the kids after the team leaves.

    Bringing in outside items can hurt the local economy of the country where the items are being donated, can cause an excess of items not really truly needed and can sometimes even create extra trash if the items can’t be used. Many teams bring extra funds from overage team members have raised and they are able to go buy food and other items most needed for the ministries while they are in country. We do not EVER hand out cash. All of these things will be elaborated on further during pre-trip meetings once a team member has signed up for a trip.

  • How can I help if I can’t go on the trip?

    If you are unable to participate by traveling to a foreign country, you may serve in the following manner:

    • Prayer support
    • Financial support for a team or team member
    • Financial donation through NECC designated for a specific project
  • Can I raise support for my mission trip?

    Yes! We encourage all our applicants to raise funds from friends and families. NECC is a 501©3 non-profit organization and donations given on your behalf are tax deductible.

  • How do I make a payment?

    Payments can be made by check made out to Northeast Community Church and send to our address:

    Northeast Community Church
    18 Knight Street
    Norwalk, Connecticut 06851

    Please make sure your name and trip are noted on the check memo line so we know where to apply the funds.

  • Does NECC purchase insurance for teams?

    No. Some health insurance providers may provide coverage for international travel. If your provider does not you can purchase trip insurance through Missionary Health for as little as $9 a week and will cover cancelations, medical emergencies, evacuations, loss or delays while traveling. www.missionaryhealth.net


    NECC advises all travelers to read through the recommended vaccinations by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. NECC also suggest that all participants consult their physician before traveling abroad.

    • Hepatitis A
    • Tetanus/Diphtheria (DT)
    • Typhoid
    • Preventative Malaria medication

    Immunizations are not included in the trip cost for any NECC trip;travelers will be responsible to get these on their own.

  • What do I need to pack?

    A suggested packing list will be given to you in your team packet and discussed during team meetings. The most important item to pack is a refillable water bottle!

  • Do I need to bring money with me?

    The amount of money you take will depend on your desire to buy souvenirs. We recommend bringing $50 - $100 in small bills ($1 and $5) for souvenirs and emergency situations. On Wednesday, you or your team will have a chance to eat food from a restaurant in downtown Jacmel called Bar De L'Air. The meals are $15 per person. We will also visit the teen center where souvenirs like t-shirts, jewelry, paintings etc may be purchased and similar items may be purchased at the beach.

  • Can I bring electronics?

    It is safe to bring a mobile phone, computer, camera or other electronic devices.

  • Is there a dress code?

    Haiti’s culture places a large emphasis on dress. As we share the Gospel in Haiti, we take great care to meet the expectations of the Haitian culture in terms of dress. Women are asked to wear knee length skirt and shirt or dress (with sleeves) for church and men are asked to wear short sleeve shirt & slacks for church/work site (a tie for church is optional but appreciated). Short shorts, dresses, spandex and or other revealing clothing are not permitted.

  • Health precautions:

    If you are elderly or are prone to health problems, we strongly recommend a thorough physical examination before traveling to Haiti. Also, medical identification (tags, bracelet, card, etc.) must be carried by anyone with chronic illness such as diabetes or heart conditions. Trips to Haiti are usually moderately stressful and, sometimes, greatly so. Persons with mental illness or physical disabilities are required to disclose such information to the mission leader before being approved to travel. If you have special needs while in Haiti (such as a medical condition, food allergies, or other special requirements), please let us know before your trip, and we will accommodate you as best as possible. Be sure to bring whatever you need with you in your carry-on luggage.

  • Security:

    Take normal precautions against theft: lock hotel room doors, keep track of purses, wallets, & other valuables like cameras, IPOD’s, etc. Do not carry money openly.