Serve at NECC

Each of the areas on this page offer “first-serve” volunteer opportunities; places you can try out serving without making a long-term commitment. Take a look at the below to see a few of the opportunities available.

Serving Opportunities


First impressions can make a big difference. Want to be a difference-maker? If you’re a people person, try out the hospitality team. Each Sunday morning, they’re making all who come through our doors feel welcome, meeting and greeting ushering and passing out pens and programs.


For all you early-birds, this is for you. In charge of getting all of our equipment to the school, we load a truck every Sunday morning, transport and get to work setting up what you see in front of you and around you. From the lobby to the auditroium, this team gets it started.


When church is over, it’s not really over…at least for the tear-down team. They’re just getting started. Maybe small talk’s not really your thing? Ever feel like you want to hang around a bit, but want to be busy? Join this team that’s responsible for cleaning up and packing up after Sunday service.

Service Production

Lights…Camer…ACTION! If you like being behind-the-scenes and like making things flash, Service Production should be right up your alley. It’s the behind-the-scenes crew that helps everything run smoothly during our Sunday services. Amateurs or experts, we could use you.


Whether it’s crazy dancing, interactive art projects, memorizing scripture or just asking and answering some great questions, KidsLife is all about leading kids to a full life, while showing them a great time with lots of God’s love.

Worship & Creative Arts

Couldn’t catch a break on American Idol? We could still use you! Audition for the team that leads each Sunday’s worship. Or maybe singing’s not your thing. This team takes all the creative arts-including visual, performance and dramatic-and brings them to life.


Have some spare time during the week and don’t feel like twiddling your thumbs? Come on in to the office and work side-by-side with our team. We’d love to have you and could always use some help.

Get Involved

Contact us if you’d like more information or to sign up.