Small Groups

Small Groups

Small groups are at the heart of living out the mission of restoration God has given our church.

Connect with a Small Group

If you’re looking to get plugged in and connect at NECC, our small groups are one of the best ways to do just that. Try one or try them all and see which one fits you the best.

  • Tuesday:

    McDowell/McDade, Westport; Starvel, Old Greenwich, Rotates Homes

    First Tuesday of the month – McDowell – 28 Whitney St., Westport - 7:30
    Second Tuesday of the month – Starvel – Gisborne Place, Old Greenwich - 7:00
    Fourth Tuesday of the month – McDade – 4 Rivard Crescent, Westport - 7:30

    Contact: Tony at, or Nancy at, or Frank at

    Dahlke, 52 Dry Hill Road, Norwalk – 7:30

    Contact: Liane at

  • Thursday:

    Cunsolo, 9 Colonial Place, Norwalk – 7:30

    Contact: Helen at

  • Friday

    Mahoney/Cubba, 13 Midrocks Dr, Norwalk – 7:00

    Contact: Roxanne at

Have Questions?

Contact discipleship director Frank Starvel for more information.